Queensland First Home Owners Grant 2018 (fhog) Update


homeownersgrant-300x93 Queensland First Home Owners Grant 2018 (fhog) UpdateGood news for Queenslanders looking to build their 1st home. The Queensland government has now extended the First Home Owners Grant until the 30th June 2018!

This means eligible parties who are building their first home and sign a contract before this date can receive $20000 from the Government towards the cost of building a new home.


So how do you know if your eligible for the grant?


…and where do you start to find out?

The 1st point of call is to take the eligibility test on the first home owners grant website. Essentially to begin with you must be:

  • An Australian Citizen or permanent resident (or applying with someone who is)

  • Be over 18 years of age

  • You have not owned property in Australia previously

  • Looking to buy a new home or build a new home under $750000

Want to see if your eligible? Take the eligibility test here (QLD Government website) to see if your eligible for the 1st home owners grant 

Or find out more by visiting our 1st home buyers page


So your eligible for the grant but what about a deposit and home loan finance? 

1stt-home-buyers-e1517288983470-300x241 Queensland First Home Owners Grant 2018 (fhog) Update


How do you know if the banks will finance your new home? Want to know if you have enough deposit?

If you would like to know if your eligible for a home loan and you dont want it impacting your credit file

Visit our 5 minute finance page and fill out and submit our home loan questionnaire to us.




Who is a reliable home builder in Queensland that builds homes that qualify for the QLD Home Owners Grant?

If your thinking of building a home in the North Brisbane or Sunshine Coast areas, Integrale Homes is a one stop shop for 1st home builders.

Many of our 1st time home builders have loved the stress free approach of Integrale Homes “Total Package” which offers real peace of mind with upfront fixed pricing, a guaranteed maximum build time and a free facade upgrade.

Here are the reasons you should choose Integrale Homes to build your 1st home..



When you build a home with Integrale Homes, you will know the actual price of your new home pre-contract. You can talk to your banks or financiers with confidence without fear of hidden costs or variations. This avoids lengthy delays, such as sorting out variations like soil tests and allowances which could effect your finance application.


upfront150 Queensland First Home Owners Grant 2018 (fhog) Update


From cutting the land to practical completion date it takes Integrale Homes as your preferred home builder a maximum of 16 weeks (single story – 20 wks double story) to build your home! That’s real peace of mind for 1st time home builders, so you can coordinate your “move in” date with confidence.

16week150 Queensland First Home Owners Grant 2018 (fhog) Update



Giving your new home its own look and identity for added street appeal shouldn’t have to cost you more. You can choose from our “Total Package Façade Range” and give your home the look you love for no extra cost!

free150 Queensland First Home Owners Grant 2018 (fhog) Update


IMG_20171114_141403-298x300 Queensland First Home Owners Grant 2018 (fhog) UpdateOur Home Sales Consultants have helped hundreds of 1st time home owners enter the market and settle into a happy home. Our consultants work hard to ensure the home design is well suited to your lifestyle, your block of land and your budget. You can visit our home sales consultants in any of our Display Homes, open 7 days week.


Samantha, a paramedic for the Queensland Ambulance Service, described her 1st time home building journey with Integrale as:

“Great. I had heard horror stories of other people having multiple dramas throughout their build but mine was entirely stress free and ran to schedule. It was great getting weekly updates of what had been done on site and to be able to visit and meet with the site supervisor at each stage as well.”

Sam-Bird-300x300 Queensland First Home Owners Grant 2018 (fhog) Update

Tegan and Kurt, both work for Woolworths and simply loved their 1st home building experience with Integrale Homes:“…just amazing the whole team was. Special thanks to Troy our site supervisor who went above all our expectations, Naomi who was just so amazing she was so friendly and lovely to work with from the beginning made us really excited from the get go even now if we bump into her in the new aura display homes she wants to see photos and is so excited for us! and also Amy-Lee was amazing to work with! she was there all the time for us with anything that we needed and always went out of her way, sending us the updates every Friday telling us was was planned for the next week was something we both loved! thanks so much to the whole team at integrale homes was so fantastic to work with you and we love our new home so much!”


Working with leading land developers throughout the North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas, Integrale Homes sales consultants can assist with finding the perfect house and land package for your 1st home. See the Integrale Homes House And Land Package page for the latest listings.


Already have land chosen? Integrale Homes can assist you with finding a house plan or design that will suit and provide a quote for your new home, upfront without any delays. You can browse our home designs here