Sunshine Coast & Moreton Bay Attract Sydney Buyers

Look out Sydney and Melbourne, there could be more reasons to migrate to the Sunshine State than just the weather. The recent slowdown in the housing market after 5 years of strong growth now means there are more buyers than ever looking to move to the Sunshine State.

Macquarie research has revealed soaring property prices in Sydney could spark another mass migration to the North looking for work and affordability. As reported by ABC news, Macquarie research revealed Sydney house prices are nearly double those in other capital cities and job creation in QLD is on the rise.

“However, probably the most important aspect of this is not the number of people moving, but the fact that they are asset-rich,” Macquarie noted, with the wealth being built by Sydney property prices over the past decade.

“We estimate the housing equity transfer could be around A$8.1 billion into the region, with the bulk coming from NSW [$7.3b billion].”

So if your from Sydney and considering moving to Queensland, where are you going to settle?

tugofwar Sunshine Coast & Moreton Bay Attract Sydney BuyersAccording to QLD market monitor, the top destinations for migration in 2016 were the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, with over 10000 people moving into these areas. Property growth in these top regional areas are also outweighing its big city brother with annual growth in the past 12 months for the Sunshine Coast at 6.6% and the Gold Coast at 5.4% compared to 2.9% in the city.

And although figures reveal negative to stagnate property growth in some areas of greater Brisbane, it also seems North Brisbane is bucking that trend. The Redcliffe Peninsula is reported to have seen double digit median house price growth in the past 12 months which can be contributed to infrastructure investment such as a a major rail link upgrade to the CBD and increase on job activity in the North Lakes area with substantial retailers and commercial operations coming to the area.


Building new and enjoying lifestyle.

If your looking for land in Sydney to build your dream home (rare as hens teeth), why not consider joining the migration sensation and moving to Queensland?

Building a brand new home is still an affordable reality in both the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane. While the latest abs housing stats show building approvals on the decline in Sydney, greater Brisbane’s building approvals are on the rise.

North Lakes, the fastest growing region in Australia, is living proof of the popularity of moving to Brisbane’s North with an increase in population of 39 percent from 2011 to 2016

Brand new communities such as Aura in Caloundra’s South and Newport on the Redcliffe Peninsula, are pioneering the future of Queensland living with sustainable initiatives, commercial infrastructure and fun, vibrant community hubs.

With plenty of land options, and new suburbs popping up close to schools, beaches, shops and public transport, the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane are attractive places to build a brand new home.

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