Owning your own home is a fantastic feeling but I can tell you the only thing that beats it is having a home with a pool. I’d grown up in South Australia and never had a pool in any of the houses I’d lived in. It was one thing that I’d always dreamed of so it was a “must have”, a luxury and treat to accompany our new Integrale home!

Amy had grown up in Queensland so she had often talked fondly of her time of being able to come home from school or from work and just jumping straight in to cool off, or to have friends over on the weekend for a swim or just chilling out on the furniture around it. It was so appealing to me and I believe it was a great way to finish off our home.

 It’s a dream that we were able to make a reality with Integrale Homes.

 Ep4-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (part 4) - Installing A Swimming Pool

I really liked how in our initial meeting we were putting the pool on paper with the house, finding a size and shape that fit with our block but also gave us yard space for our active dog and any future family plans. It gave us more of an immediate insight into how the pool will tie practically and aesthetically with the flow of the house.

Toni helped us to maximize that space but also made sure that the size of the pool would fit our needs. She asked questions about how we would like to spend time around the pool so that we could make decisions on whether to have a plunge, family or lap pool. It was a very personable experience planning the pool size and making it work with our lifestyle choices and our family dynamics. A wonderful touch!

Ep4.6-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (part 4) - Installing A Swimming Pool 

This was especially good because we didn’t have to deal with a separate company to build it. From the first plan the pool was a part of the house and therefore integrated into our thoughts and plans for the rest of the house. It had a big impact on the decisions we made for things like the doors we added to the side of the main bedroom and the style of the outdoor area in general.

We wanted to maximize the view of the pool from the inside of the house. We wanted to have multiple views of the pool to enhance to design and styling we would eventually have in our new home. Integrale build the pool you have a lot less hassle.

Ep4.1-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (part 4) - Installing A Swimming Pool

It’s funny but out of all the elements of the house, the one that I could picture in my mind clearly from start to finish was the pool, I guess the dream of having one since I was a kid was still so relevant to me as an adult. If only I could let 8 year old me know that he’d be able to come home from work on a hot Queensland summer day and dive straight in to cool off.

Ep4.4-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (part 4) - Installing A Swimming Pool

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