The doors and windows have been delivered and are ready to be installed, they will look amazing when they are fitted into the frames. The larger sliding doors that will lead to the patio section of the house will help our home achieve the open plan living we have been looking forward to the most.

Ep11-2-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (Part 11) -  What Is Roughing In?

When we were in the colour selection meeting it was decided that we could remove a window from the main bedroom and replace it with a large sliding door that would lead out the alfresco and pool area. We were so impressed that the Integrale team gave us the guidance we needed and allowed us to add our personal touches and extra items prior to the build. It provided us with great flexibility and guided practical solutions to achieve our overall brief.

Ep11-3-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (Part 11) -  What Is Roughing In?

We decided to go with an outdoor kitchen area so the plumbing had to be piped through to that space so we could have the services we roughed in such as hot and cold water, gas and electrical. During the colour selection we advised the consultant that we had a bar fridge and other items that we wanted to make good use of. Therefore the electrical rough in was extremely important for us in this space. This all needed to go in before the brickwork commenced.

Ep11-4-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (Part 11) -  What Is Roughing In?

This is an important area to us as our friends are a big part of our lives and weekend bbqs and entertaining is a massive part of growing up and living on the Sunshine Coast. We were wrapped that integrale Homes are helping us for fill the lifestyle that we love.

Ep11-5-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (Part 11) -  What Is Roughing In?