From 1 July 2016, the Great Start Grant will be known as the Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant.
The Queensland Government has also announced a one-off, 12-month boost of $5,000 to the grant, which will now be worth $20,000.

QLD 1st home buyers grant – New name for the home owners grant.

Previous to 1st July 2016, the QLD home buyers grant had been known as the great start grant. Announced at the Queensland State Budget, the Great Start Grant (the Grant for first home buyers in Queensland buying or building a new property) will now be known as the Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant.

So just how much money is the Queensland First Home Owners Grant?

If you signed a contract prior to 1st July 2016, the grant for the FHOG is $15000
If you sign a contract between 1st July 2016 and before 30 June 2017 the FHOG is $20000. That’s an additional $5000 that will not be available after June 30 2017. So right now, this is the best time to be building your first home in Queensland.

Can I buy an Integrale Home on the 1st Home Owners Grant?

The simple answer is yes. All of the 50+ Integrale Homes house designs and house and land packages will be eligible for the increased grant, providing you meet the eligibility criteria from the QLD government

Will I be eligible for the increased Grant?

The eligibility criteria for the QLD FHOG will remain the same as it was prior to July 2016. Our 1st home buyer’s specialists have all the information about eligibility, how much you can receive and what sort of deposit you might need saved

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