The first part of the roof prep is installing the Fascia and Gutters, this took about half a day and we are told that the roof will go on tomorrow. We were surprised how quick it all went up, WOW! They are attached to the perimeter of the house, catching all the rainwater that we hope isn’t much more of through our build!

Ep9.1-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (Part 9) - Roof PreparationEp9.2-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (Part 9) - Roof Preparation
The Roof is an important milestone in the building process they tell me. This is because once it goes on work can still happen on the inside of the home even if the weather turns bad. We met heath on site for our scheduled site meeting and once again it was super exciting and very informative, he really knows his stuff!

Ep9.3-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (Part 9) - Roof Preparation

Walking into the house with a cover over it finally made it all feel so much closer to becoming our own home. We can’t tell you how much we look forward to these site visits with Heath, we always learn so much, things we wouldn’t have even considered and we always feel like we are a part of the build with Integrale Homes.

Ep9.4-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME - (Part 9) - Roof Preparation