After signing the contract Amy & I begun preparing ourselves for a thing called the ‘Colour selection’. As this was our first time building, we actually had no idea what to expect.

Amy began taking every opportunity to explore the many different options, looking at different colours and styles of kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and pretty much everything to do with design and colour! Our go to inspirational sites were Pinterest and Houzz. There was so much out there and each time Amy saw something she liked, I’d say, “you do realise we have a budget” and she’d reply with “I can dream”. This was a very common discussion.

We’d started going around to the display homes again, this time taking pictures and marking them in a little folder we’d organised of things that we loved. The kitchen was an easy decision and something we both agreed on straight away. One thing we struggled to make our mind up on was the external paint colour. A lot of houses we had looked at were primarily a white colour with a secondary feature colour. We knew we’d have to have some sort of idea of what we wanted, however we struggled to make up our mind. We had decided on what we didn’t want, although it was a challenge to find a colour that we loved. For about a week we’d jump in the car and just drive around, looking at different styles and colours searching for something that we could both agree on. We’d take pictures of random peoples houses and re-evaluate our options time and time again… But nothing.

Ep2.0-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME (part 2) - Adding The Personal Touch

The morning of the ‘colour selection’ we had decided to set out one more time, not feeling very hopeful of finding the colour we’d been looking for but also knowing that we needed to go to the meeting with some idea. We left the display village once again and turned left down a street we’d not yet gone down. There at the end of the street was a house. Very simple in design but also very similar to how we had pictured our house. The colour was blue, but it was slightly different to the hundreds of shades of blue we’d already seen and um’ed and ah’ed over. It was perfect!!

Ep2.1-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME (part 2) - Adding The Personal Touch

We decided we needed to know what shade of blue this house was. Before I could even discuss it with her, Amy was up the drive way. She was determined! She got in nice and close to the wood cladding and took a picture with her phone, ensuring she had the right lighting to capture the colour. What if the colour didn’t come out right.. this was the one that we wanted, we were like crazy people and we needed more information. Amy’s hand reached out and knocked on the door. The people that answered were lovely and really happy to help. They didn’t roll their eye’s or call us crazy once. So we left there with the information required and ready to take on at least one part of the colour selection.

Only now, we were a little less nervous.

The Colour Selection itself was another story. By the time we’d reached the Integrale office the nerves had set back in. We’d never built a house before, we had a vision, but how were we to know that it would all come to life. It was all a little overwhelming, however once we walked through the door our minds had been put at ease. There waiting for us was a team of professionals ready to help us all along the way.

Ep2.2-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME (part 2) - Adding The Personal Touch

Once we had entered the colour selection room we were guided step by step by our colour consultant, Stacey. She invited us to describe to her what we had envisioned. My response, “White with Blue shutters and a balcony that… no wait..that’s the dream house from the film ‘The Notebook’”. Basically we wanted a house that had a modern beach look. Amy had her heart set on that look and feel and as any good partner, so did I. No really, I like that style of home, they have a welcoming look for you and your guests.

Firstly we chose the Facade colours, Colourbond Surfmist being our favourite choice as the main colour for our house, the off white of Colourbond Surfmist meant we could highlight the features with splashes of colour, and we did. The blue that we had found earlier was matched by Stacey and we had successfully chosen the external colours of our new home.

Ep2.3-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME (part 2) - Adding The Personal Touch

Stacey guided us through our colour selection as we chose each detail of the home, from tiles to cupboards and even slight amendments to the design. With Stacey’s help we opened up the archways and created a more open space and even changed the pantry slightly to fit an extra bench to be used as a butlers pantry. Now I could finally cook my toast and boil the kettle in peace. The ideas were flowing and before long what was simply an idea or a vision would become our home. It was more complete than our initial thoughts could have ever imagined.

Ep2.4-1024x512 BUILDING A NEW HOME (part 2) - Adding The Personal Touch

Stacey suggested louvers to the front entry window, this was something we hadn’t thought of and collectively we came up with the idea that if one was to look at the house from the street view,  it created the “Beach look” that we had dreamed of. The addition of a few more windows, including a fixed window as the kitchen splash back, opened the house up and let the light in. The whole thing took a little over 3 hours, but you wouldn’t know it. By the end we were walking around, trying colours against one another and imagining the endless possibilities. What started with nervous apprehension soon became a really fun and imaginative exercise that I highly recommend to anyone. Especially the way Integrale Homes invite you to their Sunshine Coast office giving you access to sample products to view and take home.

We were very excited about our decision!